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Duration: 2.5 hours

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Telephone Training

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Telephone Training Course includes:

2.5 hours of modular learning
25 downloadable resources
Full lifetime access
Access on mobile, laptop and tablet
Printed and posted certificate of completion

How effective is your receptionist in persuading potential clients to book a consultation?
With the correct call-handling and CRM training your front of house staff or receptionist could easily convert more initial enquiry calls into consultations and increase your clinic’s or salon’s turnover by thousands of pounds each year.
Missed or poorly handled telephone enquiries cost your business thousands of pounds a year and waste thousands more that you spend on marketing and advertising to attract those calls in the first place.

Your receptionist is the very first person that a potential new customer will speak to when they contact you to enquire about your services. It’s their primary task to quickly establish a rapport, handle the call professionally and effectively and guide the potential client into booking an initial consultation with you, rather than your local competition.

Sounds easy doesn’t it? But you’d be surprised how many clinics get it so
very wrong!
The Consulting Room Group team who - alongside working with hundreds of other clinics to develop their businesses - have over 13 years’ experience in running their own medically led aesthetic clinic and have mystery shopped hundreds of clinics and run numerous training courses specifically for reception staff working in aesthetic clinics and salons.

However, despite that, we are still finding that when we telephone clinics to evaluate their reception staff that the majority of calls are still not handled well!

This unique (you won’t find a comparable course anywhere...we’ve looked), online, comprehensive, professional and certificated course can rectify that quickly and effectively.

Every telephone call to an aesthetic practice could be worth £1,000s in repeat business during the lifetime of a client, this course is a definite ‘must-have’ for any clinic or salon who want to maximise their hard-earned leads by highlighting areas of call-handling underperformance and rectifying them - potentially saving you thousands in future lost revenue.


Fee: £20 +VAT (VAT excluded) | No Catering

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