What you'll learn

  • You will gain access to everything you need to have more successful outcomes for clients and yourself in the consultation process.
  • You will learn why having a structure around your consultation is important 
  • You will learn how to more effectively prepare for consultations 
  • You will learn different techniques for quickly establishing a rapport
  • You will learn why an intent statement is important before asking the right questions
  • You will learn the art of listening AND summarising
  • You will learn how to present and educate your clients with the right information during each consultation
  • You will learn how to effectively deal with objections
  • You will learn the art of closing the consultation effectively with each and every client
  • You will learn the importance of being able to identify different client types
  • You will learn how to evaluate your consultation skills after the course ends

Course Description

Want to convert more consultations into profitable sales?

Teach your therapists and aestheticians how to convert more consultations into sales with our CPD-certificated therapist training.

Failing to convert consultations into sales not only costs your business thousands of £££s a year, but it also wastes thousands more that you spend on marketing and advertising to attract those customers in the first place. Along with your receptionist or front of house staff, your therapists and aestheticians are in the frontline when it comes to making your clinic profitable. Their valuable interactions with customers can, if done correctly, earn your business thousands more each year by converting potential clients into life-long customers.

This unique (you won’t find a comparable course anywhere...we’ve looked), online, comprehensive, professional and certificated therapist training course is broken down into modules that can be completed over several sessions to fit in with busy clinic schedules. It identifies common mistakes made during consultations and shows how to build a tried and tested best practice strategy to increase sales conversions.

Since 2003, the Consulting Room Group has worked alongside hundreds of clinics to develop their businesses and, as previous owners of a medical aesthetic clinic employing six therapists ourselves, we have learnt the hard way how easily missed opportunities can occur without the proper training. You’d be surprised how many therapists and aestheticians with no formal sales training get it wrong.

Whether used as a refresher for experienced members of your team, or as an introduction for new therapists and aestheticians, this unique, online training course is the most comprehensive tool available for crafting the ideal selling techniques for the key members of your team to maximise future revenue.

The CPD-certified course takes 2.5 hours to complete and is broken down into modules of 10-15 minutes that can be done over several days. You can come back and revisit any sections that you were unsure about if you wish. Upon successful completion of the course, every trainee receives a certificate of completion.

When you consider that CPD-courses tailored to the aesthetic market are very rare and would probably cost several hundred pounds per participant, this course is a definite ‘must-have’ for any clinic or salon who want to maximise their hard-earned consultation conversion rate.