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Region: North West | Venue: Total Therapy - Macclesfield Training Centre | Duration: 10 days over 5 months

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Total Therapy Training

Michelle Bebbington

Riverside, Sunderland House
Sunderland Street
SK11 6JF

0843 515 8610


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Year 1 is a 5 month course running one weekend a month. (Days are 9:45am to 5pm)
2024 Dates:
1st & 2nd June 2024
6th & 7th July 2024
3rd & 4th August 2024
31st Aug & 1st September 2024
5th & 6th October.
Year 2 is available after the completion of year 1.

Foundation (Year 1) Course:
This is perfect as the foundation for our Year 2 or another counseling course, but many people do this course to enable them to avoid taking on other people’s issues and give them a tool to separate from clients with emotional distress as well as exploring their own reactions to situations, while helping them resolve conflict more smoothly.

Emotional therapy is a form of counseling but unlike many psychotherapies it tries to locate the root cause and feelings that are trapped and not just look at the symptoms. Negative experiences can cause coping mechanisms to be put in place, which are not always useful much later after the event or in everyday life. Old events that aren’t fully experienced act as unprocessed emotions and if locked away can cause emotional pain and destructive cycles.
Emotional Counselling releases the original cause and allows you to spot protective learnt behaviours that no longer serve you. Unlike a lot of counselling strategies, emotional therapy is not always client led and clients are taught to explore the issues in a supportive fashion, and not just to “let off some of the steam”, but to fully explore and clear out the issue. Clients therefore become independent and not dependent on the counsellor. The foundation course also discusses social ideas and behaviours which can cause you not to live life fully or be your true self and many of these are unconscious learnt behaviours which can be broken quickly allowing you to live life to the full and be truly authentic to yourself.

Venue Details: Total Therapy - Macclesfield Training Centre

Venue Address:Riverside, Sunderland House, MacclesfieldMacclesfield, Cheshire, SK11 6JF

Fee: £900 (VAT included) | Refreshments Provided

Presenter / Speaker Detail

Course Presenter: Chris Davies

Chris lectures all over the world as well as for associations and schools such as BAWMA, CMIR, Acumedic, AACP, EMA, FETC and the NHS. His passion for teaching and improvement of techniques has enabled him to specialise in areas of Tendon Healing, Aesthetic and Cosmetic procedures as well as old family and ancient acupuncture treatments. His talks on psychotherapies touch and change people’s perceptions at all levels, and he coaches many successful business owners and entrepreneurs.
Having acquired over 45 therapeutic qualifications as well as numerous medical and health qualifications Chris offers talks and public events as well as lecturing to Doctors, Nurses and teaching Professors to help better understand methods of healing.
Chris began studying Japanese Ju-jutsu at age 18, through which he was also introduced to a range of physical and psychological therapies. Inspired by these he started studying Swedish massage in 1991 leading onto sports massage and deep tissue techniques. Shortly thereafter he discovered Chinese medicine under guidance from Master Chu and went on to study Tui-Na; a medical massage involving manipulating bones and muscles, then living in Taiwan, China and Japan

He continued his study and was introduced to the energy healing arts of authentic Japanese Reiki and in 1999 Spiritual Healing under the guidance of John Quigley and John Eddington who progressed him onto his journey into psychotherapies and emotional therapeutic counselling. It was during this time that Chris collated his knowledge on various therapies which lead to him recognising the shared link between the body, mind and disease.

Meanwhile having progressed in the old style ancient martial arts these now started focusing more on the internal healing arts such as Qi-Qong and Falun Dafa as well as Japanese Ki and the micro cosmic orbit. Chris went on to study at the source of many techniques and older style traditions in Bali, China, Taiwan, and Korea as well as many times in Japan whilst also continuing to expand his knowledge under many modern more well-known names and gifted experts like Dr Tan, Dr Wang Ju-Yi, Tianjun Wang, Stephen Birch, Susan Johnson, John Howard and Terry Oleson. After studying with Japanese family masters as well as well-known Chinese masters such as Yang Jwing-ming and Mantak Chia in the internal arts Chris’ journey came full circle and took him onto furthering his training in traditional Chinese acupuncture and external herbs.

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