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Facial Anatomy Dissection Training with MATA

Region: London | Venue: MATA Courses | Duration: 1 Day

Course Topic(s):

Anti-Ageing, Botulinum Toxin, Dermal Filler

MATA Courses are pleased to be able to offer facial anatomy dissection courses which are held throughout the year in the purpose-built dissection rooms at either Guy’s Campus at King’s College London or the Royal Society of Medicine. We also have state of the art dissection room venues in Manchester and Edinburgh.

At MATA we believe that education is key, and an expert grasp of facial anatomy will set you apart from other injectors. During this unique hands-on-workshop you will perform standard and advanced procedures in facial aesthetics using fresh frozen material with close supervision. This course including location of arteries, nerves and fat compartments with anatomical tissue demonstration will give you the ability to visualise the face in 3D manner, with all of its different layers.

We recommend that delegates wishing to attend this course come along with specific questions or areas they would like to discuss further in order to make the most of this specialist, in depth teaching in a small group setting.s and injection sites- imperative for those who wish to carry out facial injectable treatments.

Our facial anatomy tutors are amongst some of the best plastic surgeons in the world, highly experienced in this field and excited to share their knowledge with you. There are also technicians on hand in the dissection rooms who are happy to assist when required.

Course Requirements

This course is open to any registered Doctor, Dentist or Nurse with basic training. Please contact our courses co-ordinators for more information.

The 3 Modules In This Course Are:

Normal Facial Anatomy

This practical course will outline facial muscle groups of the upper, middle and lower face and their functions, blood supply to the face and preferred sites of injections.

Facial Anatomy in the Ageing Process

The Facial Anatomy in the Ageing Process course will go into detail about the anatomy of wrinkle lines in the face in relation to the muscles involved, what causes them and injection sites for toxins and dermal fillers.

Facial Anatomy Complications in Non-surgical Treatments

These practical workshops and dissections will focus on managing non-surgical complications from injectable treatments and demonstrate ways to avoid them also. This course will cover the upper and lower face.

Fee: Price on Request (VAT excluded) | Refreshments Provided