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1 - 2 - 1 Coaching on professional or lifestyle

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What is coaching?

Coaching is a professional partnership which is goal focussed and which will move you towards where you want to be. The coach has a facilitative role, empowering and supporting you to take control of your life.

What are the differences between coaching and mentoring?

• Client will set the agenda
• Client is empowered to take action
• No experience of the field is necessarily required by the coach

• Mentor guides and teaches
• Knows the answers
• Draws on his own experiences for the benefit of the mentee

What are the advantages of coaching?
• Coaching builds confidence and competence
• Coaching increases motivation
• Coaching helps and supports with problem solving

Experience to date
I have conducted well over sixty coaching sessions with people who have lifestyle and professional issues. Most people require four to six sessions and some considerably more. Sessions can be purchased in blocks.


The coaching was very professional and done in a warm empathetic manner. Liz put me at ease and very much encouraged me to explore the issues, develop clarity, prioritise and develop an action plan.

Thank you for everything you have helped me with. I feel like I am back on the path now. MW.

The coaching sessions were amazing. We set goals together which were realistic and achievable and I feel I have really moved on. Coaching has given me more confidence. JM.

Fee: (VAT excluded) | No Catering