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Duration: 1 Day

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Mr Ash Labib Aesthetics

Ash Labib

102 Tettenhall Road
West Midlands

01902 774 734


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Mr Ash Labib (FRCS, DLO) is an Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon, a leading cosmetic specialist, and the owner and founder of AL Aesthetics.

During his career as a surgeon for 24 years at the NHS, he sub specialised in Rhinology and Rhinoplasty.

Over the last 5 years he co-pioneered the Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty procedure - the 15 minute nose job.

Mr Labib now teaches, lectures and trains fellow injectors about the safe technique in injecting noses.

Mr Labib is also an International Ambassador for Allergan, and in this role he delivers training on advanced facial aesthetics both nationally and globally. He also takes part in clinical research and audits.

The Masterclass in Advanced Dermal Fillers is a one day course with the aims and objectives of the following:

- Consolidation of Existing Knowledge

- New Injecting Techniques

- Injecting Difficult Areas - Temple Hollow, Tear Troughs, Chin Augmentation and Jawlines

- Share Personal Experiences

- Practice Safe Injecting Techniques and Prevention of Complications

Morning Agenda:

- Coffee and Introductions

- Presentation by Mr Labib

- Full Anatomical Facial Illustrations

- Assessment of Facial Aesthetics

- Patients Wants Vs Patients Needs

- Treatment Plan with Live Model

Afternoon Agenda:

- Hands on Session with Models

- Questions and Answers

- Conclusion

You will receive a certificate of attendance on completion of the course


Fee: 1100 (VAT included) | Lunch Provided

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