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Duration: 1 Day

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Anti-Ageing, Dermal Filler, Health and Safety, Lip Augmentation

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Dr Tim Pearce

Head Office & Training Centre
42 Ellesmere Street
Greater Manchester
M15 4LY

0161 850 2491


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Our Lip Enhancement Masterclass is our signature advanced dermal filler course aimed at equipping you with all the confidence and skill you need to break into one of the fastest-growing areas in injectables – the lips.

Who is this masterclass good for?

- Qualified and professionally-registered nurses, doctors, dentists, midwives, paramedics and prescribing pharmacists

- Individuals with some basic or intermediate experience in carrying out injectable treatments who want to move on safely and effectively to carrying out lip enhancement, re-shaping and volumisation procedures

- Individuals who have concerns about the level of hands-on experience they might otherwise get through a group-based course

5 Reasons to Attend our Lip Enhancement Masterclass

1. Operated as a 1-to-1 or 2-to-1 masterclass (min of 3 models) giving you maximum supervision and exposure to practical hands-on experience

2. Carry out the entire lip enhancement patient journey including effective consultation, treatment preparation, conduct procedure, and aftercare

3. Ongoing support after your course including unlimited telephone helpline, vibrant online forum (ask us for a demo), and shadowing sessions

4. Allows you to offer a higher profit margin procedure to patients with a high repeat patient rate

5. Carry out treatment on a minimum of 2 models from start-to-finish (as opposed to sharing models on a group-based course)

Ways to find out more

- Call us to chat through what we can offer and help us understand more about your experience and plans

- Email us with any questions

- Ask us for a demonstration of our online forum or to talk to a previous delegate

Learning Objectives

- Deliver confidence and ready-to-use skills in lip enhancement through market-leading supervised practical experience to carry out a minimum of two complete lip enhancement procedures including Vermillion Border, Lip Volumisation, Cupid’s Bow and the Philtrum.

- Provide refresher knowledge of facial anatomy with specific focus on the lips and facial nerves.

- Learn the theory for, and gain practical experience of, delivering safe and comfortable injections.

- Highlight differences between the various brands of dermal fillers on the market that can be used for lip augmentation.

- Provide an understanding of how to conduct a thorough consultation and assessment of the patient to ensure a safe, comfortable procedure that delivers maximum results.

- Provide knowledge of possible side effects, complications, aftercare and patient concerns and learn how to address them.

- Teach our trainees how to give patients a natural looking result that provides an essential balance between delivering volume/fullness of lips whilst enhancing the lips’ natural contours and shape.

- How to deal with any adverse effects and complications including how to inject Hyaluronidase enzyme (‘Hyalase’) to remove hyaluronic acid dermal fillers if required

Key Features

- Learn the whole of the patient journey from consultation, through treatment, handling rare complications, and looking after patients after their treatment.

- Carry out complete lip enhancement procedure on a minimum of 2 models from start-to-finish to maximise practical hands-on experience.

-Your choice of 1-to-1 or 2-to-1 delivery of training meaning 100% individualised tuition and supervision.

- Unlimited expert clinical and business telephone support for when you start seeing your own clients.

- Free and exclusive access to our highly active online community for post-course support, questions and debate.

- Become a member of our private forum to continue your learning and become part of the community after your course

- Dedicated fully-equipped modern clinic environment and lecture room.

- All products included and models arranged on your behalf.

- Insurer-approved certificate of attendance.

Areas Covered

- Philtrum Ridge

- Cupids Bow

- Vermillion Border

- Lip Volumisation

Add-Ons Available

- Clinician’s Aesthetics Briefcase Kit - This comprehensive pack contains all the essential equipment needed by the non-surgical treatments practitioner built up through our many years of experience out on the road - £399.00

- Lumigan Eyelash Enhancement - Our popular online learning module containing everything you need to know for prescribing Lumigan for eyelash enhancement including promotional material, consultation, and how to apply - £99.00

Lip Enhancement 1-2-1 Masterclass

Prices based on number of models with 1 delegate only*:

2 Models: £1,000 / 3 Models: £1,500 / 4 Models: £2,000 / 5 Models: £2,500

Lip Enhancement 2-2-1 Masterclass

Prices based on number of models for 2 delegates only*:

3 Models: £2,000 / 4: £2,500 / 5: £3,000 / 6: £3,500 / 7: £4,000

*All prices include VAT. There is a 20% surcharge for Masterclasses lead by our Clinical Director, Dr Tim Pearce.

Pay Monthly – you can choose to spread the cost of your training in up to 3 monthly payments, providing the balance is clear 3 weeks before attending the course.


Fee: From £1000 (VAT included) | Lunch Provided

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