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CQC, Health and Safety, Healthcare Inspectorate Scotland, Healthcare Inspectorate Wales, Slimming Services, The Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority

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Offering Regulated Services

Registration with the appropriate regulatory body for the country where you practice, is a mandatory prerequisite for all regulated activities.

England - Care Quality Commission

Scotland - Health Improvement Scotland

Wales - Healthcare Inspectorate Wales

Northern Ireland - The Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority

You are required to register in full before you are permitted to offer any regulated activity. Coupled with the need to raise standards and verify credentials, registration is a detailed, lengthy and frustrating process, which proves to be an obstacle for many businesses.

MediQ can take away all the stress by offering a full registration process.

Services in Slimming Clinics

This regulated activity captures services provided in a slimming clinic that:

Consist of advice or treatment and include the prescription of medicines for the purpose of weight reduction, and are provided by, or under the supervision of, a registered medical practitioner.

What We Offer

Registration Forms Completed and Submitted

Tailor - Made Policies, Procedures and Protocols Written

Inspection Preparation

Training for all members of staff in CQC related issues, audits and compliance

To assist with the registration process with the regulatory authority, for example, Care Quality Commission (CQC), and completion of the relevant forms.

The adviser will issue draft compliant policies for the client to approve.

To issue an index of compliance documents required for CQC inspection.

Training for all members of staff in CQC related issues, audits and compliance.

The adviser will assist with the verification of client’s current policies (if already available) ensuring compliance with the regulatory authority. The client will be required to Email any existing policies to the adviser for verification and confirmation of compliance with the regulatory requirements, otherwise new policies will be issued.

The establishment must have available premises fit for purpose, staff with suitable qualifications, all the required and compliant documentation such as certificates, premises planning permissions for the intended use as specified in registration requirements process.

Following an inspection by the regulatory authority, to resolve any issues that may arise as a result of the inspection, which falls within the remit of the adviser.

The client, as far as reasonably practical, would make available to the adviser all the details, via a valid Email address, so that application forms could be completed in a timely manner.

The clinic should keep the adviser informed of any changes in the personal or practice circumstances or any correspondence received from the regulatory authorities, so that can be dealt in a timely manner.

The adviser will act independently for the client within the remits of this agreement and while commissioned by the client, to ensure that there is no conflict of interest and solely operates on behalf of the client.

No information will be passed on between the client / suppliers and the adviser, which means the adviser, will keep its independence.

As a guide, any new registration process will take 10-12 weeks from the date of submission of the documents to the regulatory authority.


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